Judge Angelo HoussouJudge Angelo Houssou


A state Report which cannot let you indifferent !

Today more than yesterday, a holistic reading of the socio-economic and political situation of my country, Benin, establishes the realization that our leaders have renounced their charges, those that will help create a society of values, order, justice and security. Hence, we are currently witnessing throughout the country a total denial of governance.


Our leaders seem not to know what the people they leads look like. The daily needs of our fellow citizens are totally ignored and are of no particular priority: Widespread impunity, alarmingly high unemployment of youth yet the majority and real wealth of the country, abandonment of the workers, of the zemidjans, of the traders and several other to their sad fate with no plan of support or recovery of economic activities.


No one can, without being ridiculous, deny the current mess at the top of the State, the perpetual failures and the abandonment of the country to the inevitable. The situation of the country is much comparable to a cancer. Must we confine ourselves to taking aspirin or must we bluntly dare the real chemotherapy?


A courageous and credible successor for a “resolutely best Benin »!

My country is built on sand. Its challenges are not just political, they are especially managerial and mainly related to the quality of governance. The liabilities left by the regime ending, as well as that of those which preceded it are particularly heavy.    Also essentially, the successor to president Boni Yayi would have to work at earning again popularity, because the structural reforms to be undertaken at the socio-economic and cultural level are of such a depth that they can only be unpopular.


Obviously, these reforms would « whomp » our habits, our affluent, or even our way of life as well as our immediate interests; but they will have the advantage of securing the future, and especially to leave to posterity a country that we will be proud of bequeathing to it. The new type of Leader that I want to be should make evidence of audacity, of thoughtfulness, and with great ambition to reinvent the Beninese society and impart it, with discipline and rigor, the folds favorable and indispensable for development.


When one has been grappling with some genetic defects and dare say no to the muzzling of the justice house, it can no longer be simply silent I cannot therefore remain impassive to the mischievous spectacle that our leaders offer of Benin because any prolonged silence becomes a work of complicity in a public space transformed into an arena where the actors strive to destroy the general interest for the benefit of their belly and their pride.


As long as politics will drop down that low, the country will not be able to truly take off. The tragedy of Benin, my country, it is not so much the venomous influence of harmful practices than the silence of consciences, no matter how bright they might have been and the compromise of elites.

As long as the status quo would last, the implementation of development will be a work of endless repetition?


In 2006, the singers of the current regime have presented a terrific project for change and progress. Over the years, and in derivatives, the miracle announcement has given birth to the sad memorial of the obvious failure of the ruling elites: A national disgrace that had to be corrected since 2016. To remain on the sidelines of this regeneration process would be a crime against Benin.


My country can count on me and on the team which is with me. We shall play our full partition and without fail.


Decision to Run for President

In democracies, each generation is a new people and has a mission to accomplish. Through his famous book: The wretched of the Earth (1961), Frantz Fanon was right in saying: « Each generation must, in a relative opacity, discover its mission, fulfill or betray it ». In truth, each generation must give the best of itself prior to passing the relay to the other, so that future generations shall always get the best possible opportunities in order to continue to raise higher the common building which is left in bequests and most importantly, take the greatest care of it.


Our generation has already discovered its mission and all that remains is to accomplish. Today it carries the heavy but o how lofty mission to work and this by all means, to make of Benin a country « standing », United  as one man, proud and which moves resolutely toward the destiny that he has chosen. Therefore we have no other alternative if we want a Benin resolutely best. That is why, freely and in all conscience, I have decided to respond to the call of these Beninese men and women who want me to be their candidate in the presidential election of 2016. It is a decision to which I have given considerable thought and which I am committed to.


I want to be the torch-bearer of all these inaudible, without distinction of age and region, who rise up all over the country to say « no » to the renunciation, « no » to the inevitable, « no » to bankruptcy, « no » to the decline, « no » to all those who did not intend for  Benin anything more than a mediocre destiny and a subordinate role.


By submitting this application, I want the Beninese people to regain confidence in the word and the acts of the men and women it elected in public office. In effect, there is a very long time that in Benin the political debate keeps suffering from a lack of authenticity, honesty and transparency. With my candidacy, I want to break away from a deplorable tradition of our political life, that of hypocrisy, of sycophantism, of falsehood, of regionalism, of clientelism, nepotism, favoritism, the concussion and tutti fissban ».


We must demand the return of moral and ethics to politics. Politics in Benin must cease to be a shortcut for a few to enrich themselves on the back of the people.


It must cease to be an instrument of enjoyment, a framework to provide a space for visibility and « slurp », to use the word which is just as distasteful as famous within the ruling class. Many Beninese nationals, from the inside just as from the diaspora have talent and merit. They are world legion and known as such for being successful and only expect to put their skills, their experiences, their address books and especially their values in the service of national development.


Honestly, they want to serve Benin, but are increasingly forced to turn away completely from their country. Either because they cannot work with leaders who represent a shame for Benin, either because they do not want to get into the mold to fabricate the shame of the country. Everyone needs to be proud of something.


As long as one is proud of his country, he is interested in it and invest in it at the highest point. In the contrary, his interest is squarely diverted to the extent that only the umbilical link is kept on tight. Some may even go so far as to adopt another country to fill this emotional vacuum.


By submitting my candidacy, I want to give back confidence to all those brave compatriots and reassure them. In fact, I want to tell them that the advent of a Benin Otherwise Governed (BAG) is possible and especially close.


In truth, politics is what gives society its identity with a hope of better tomorrow. It follows that good politics is the very same one which contributes to the development of the city and provides its citizens with a decent life. This politics, in that it aims at the wellness of the entire population within the State, becomes a service-politics. Therefore, it is time to go for the rupture and to practice a politics -of-service that is actually capable of setting as priorities the continuous improvement of the living conditions for all national components, for the State has been created so that all men live happy. That is « THE TRUE RUPTURE « . We must mark this rupture without which the country can never rise up from the bottom of under-development.


The exile has further developed in me “the concept of service » that has always motivated me by enabling me to feel some new realities that I share on a daily basis with my friends, relatives, fellow countrymen and even with foreigners; in a word, the team of convinced and determined visionaries who accompany me in this journey..


Thus, gradually, we shall witness the birth of a body of principles, of values, ideas and rules of action which is embedded in a « certain idea » of the Benin of tomorrow, a Benin respected abroad and whose leaders keep their word. A Benin which is orderly and regulated and which is open to the rest of Africa and the world.


A Benin which offers people the opportunity to lead a decent life. A Benin where the service-politics is in practice and where everyone has access to the resources necessary for the enjoyment of an adequate standard of living. A Benin where adults are no more afraid of young people, or young people are no longer afraid of becoming adults, where parents should no longer fear that their children might live less well than them, where the future is no longer a threat, but a promise.


Never accept the worst when the best is possible. The time has finally come! Let us mobilize now to assume and perform! Children of Benin, stand up!


Washington, April 05, 2015

Judge Angelo D. HOUSSOU