Regional forum discusses Patrice Lumumba’s contribution to African Unity

The 2016 Tana high level security for on Africa opens in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia this morning with a lecture series named after the late prime Minister of Ethiopia, Melez Zenawi.


Tana forum 2016 in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia- April 17, 2016- Photo- Andualem Sisay Gessesse-  - See more at: forum 2016 in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia- April 17, 2016- Photo- Andualem Sisay Gessesse-


This year’s lecture focused on the achievements of the late Patrice Lumumba, who was President of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and assassinated 55 years ago. After he came to power in January 1961 in less than seven months in office, he is brutally assassinated.


“Even as one wonders what the DRC’s future would look like, had he lived, that it is clear today the name Patrice Lumumba continue to resonate across the continent and across generations,” said chair of the lecture Dr. Monde Muyangwe, Director at Africa Program Woodrow Wilson Centre, USA.

“It is I think a resonance that was born out of anger by the way he was taken from this continent. But it is about so much more in relation to what the man stood for and symbolize as a leader.


Specifically we want to ask ourselves given the challenges the continent faces that leadership lessons can be drown from how Lumumba made at home in the DRC,” she said stating that a lot can be learned on how Lumumba was engaged with fellow Africans on the continent with the former colonial masters.


Presented by Professor Elikia M’Bokolo, Director, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France, stated that Patrice Lumumba was one of Africa’s best and model leaders. He noted that he has contributed a lot in the vision of building the true African unity, which the continent’s leaders are currently working on.


Attendees of the lecture includes, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia, President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan, Tabo Mbeki former South African president and Olisegun Obasanjo the Chair of Tana Forum who was also former President of Nigeria. Other officials from Somalia, Djibouti and Rwanda have also attended the session.


Some of the heads of states are expected to address at the official opening of the forum this afternoon. This is for the 5th year in row that Ethiopia is hosting the high level security forum on the continent, which is named after Lake Tana, which is Ethiopia’s biggest lake and the source of the Blue Nile River.





NBE (Ethiopia)