SOUTH AFRICA / WOMEN AND SOCIETY – ADF Women’s League first workshop on Heath

On the behalf of the African Diaspora Forum, in partnership with Channel Africa, the ADF Women’s League organized its first workshop on women’s health on the 27 May 2016 at Yeoville Recreation Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.



From our Correspondent in South Africa,

 Serge Babylas de SOUZA


The programme started with a prayer directed by Ms. Precious Sibanda, the African Diaspora Forum Women’s League (ADFWL) Administrator.

Then, a welcomed address was given to the participants by Ms. Lubelihle Banda, ADSWL Chairwoman, who encourage the women to join the League as it has intentions of advocating for their rights in South Africa with emphasis on Health issues, domestic violence, Xenophobia and women empowerment.

For Lubelihle Banda, the intention of the workshop is to educate women on health rights, especially migrant women, legal steps on health issues as well as health relationships, on which she would like to see women working hand in hand to assist each other on concerned issues, as well as assisting vulnerable women who are not aware of their rights.



Working together to promote and advance the rights of African women


Therefore, the ADF Chairperson Mr. Marc Gbaffou encourages Women to spray out their problems so that they can all fight together and found the appropriate solutions. ‘There is a lot of Challenges that Women are facing outside there but they cannot talk’.  ADF Women League was created to voice type of women.  You are Welcome to be part of this Movement as a Migrant woman and also as a Local woman, said Mr. Marc Gbaffou.

Followed by Sarah Motha from Foundation of Human Rights who delivered a presentation on women’s health rights both migrants and locals.  In her communication she explained to people how the health system works and through which channel complains about the bad services received in Hospital or Clinic can be send to competent authorities in charge of health services.

Biomed-Sci Lab representative also deals with her presentation.



The Clinical Laboratory is an affordable place where you can go and test yourself. For HIV/AIDs, it is completely free of charge. For others test as blood pressure, diabetes, Cholesterol, The price starts from +/- R38 to +/- R55 (2,4 to 3,5 US dollars).

For all type of misunderstand on your woman-system, dear Women, you are welcome to consult them. They are based in Yeoville, not far from the Recreation Centre.

Also, Dudu Zwane, Dr. Janet Rogers and Matron Mhlanga, Vice Chairwoman of ADF Women’s League entertain participants on various practical issues women are dealing with. About 200 people attend the Workshop that was covered by various media.

ADF Women’s League works for an integrated society that is free of xenophobia and all other kinds of discrimination.

Moreover, its promotes and consolidates a Pan African forum for African residents of whatever nationality to work together to build one common voice on common issues, and a shared feeling of belonging to Africa



From our Correspondent in South Africa,

 Serge Babylas de SOUZA