ZAMBIA – Stanbic goes to Kuomboka




Stanbic Bank Zambia is this year heading to the Kuomboka ceremony as it joins the masses in celebrating Zambia’s rich cultural diversity.

“This is the first time that we are going to be a part of Kuomboka and it is something that we are really looking forward to. Zambia is a unique blend of rich cultures and it is interesting to see how each one comes together to influence and build a people and a nation,” said Stanbic Public Relations Manager Chanda Katongo.

Mrs Katongo further observed that preserving the country’s culture heritage for future generations remains the responsibility of everyone; individuals and institutions alike. She also noted the continued role that different cultural ceremonies such as Kuomboka played in boosting tourism in the country.

“Although the world is moving forward towards increased modernization being able to return to one’s roots is something to cherish and traditional ceremonies are a part of that. We are committed to showing support for this because Zambia is our home and we drive her growth,” said Ms Katongo.

The bank donated K50,000 towards the successful hosting of the Kuomboka Ceremony; a Lozi tradition held annually to commemorate the ‘moving out of the water’ where which the king travels to higher ground in a large barge, called the Nalikwanda, from his dry season palace in Lealui to his rainy season palace in Limulunga.

Aside from the many performances and rites to be witnessed, the ceremony provides a great opportunity for attendees to experience the outdoors and local wildlife found on the Zambezi flood plains.

Mrs Katongo further reiterated the Bank’s commitment to local development and supporting local business and industry growth through the provision of customer-centric and innovative banking solutions.
“We are very much a part of the communities we operate in as they are a part of us and our customers. We will be at Kuomboka this year not only to help preserve the Zambian culture but also support our customers who are part of that culture,” said Mrs Katongo.

Stanbic has in the past also backed other traditional ceremonies such as the Chabwela Makumbi, N’cwala and Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena among others.






Zambian Eye (Zambia)