ZAMBIA – President Lungu’s downfall is at hand – Nason Msoni


President LunguPresident Lungu

Nason Msoni has accused President Lungu of being arrogant and says his downfall is at hand.

Msoni is one of the opposition leaders who campaigned for President Lungu in the last two elections.

Commenting on President Lungu’s response to the three Church Mother Bodies who called him a dictator and demanded that he immediately releases his opponent, Msoni says:

The arrogance of President Edgar Lungu is striking and shocking. I do not believe this is the man citizens entrusted with the highest office of the land.

The rejection and bare face effrontery to outrightly rebuff and reject counsel from the church mother(3)bodies speaks volume of what has become of the once upon time God fearing Man.


Nason MsoniNason Msoni

Now, he claims he is too busy to waste time to listen to the church leaders and as far he is concerned there is no crisis in Zambia.

Well, it is apparent that his downfall is at hand. No Previous Zambian President has ever demeaned and treated the church leaders in this manner. He has insulted our spiritual leaders in the most unprecedented manner. President Edgar Lungu should demonstrate reasonableness by showing some level of respect for the church leaders. First he denied them the benefit to accord them audience at state house and secondly he ridicules their counsel with contempt and dismisses any attempt to work towards finding a lasting political solution.

The Church have no paymaster or interest in contesting for political power.
His outburst and belligerence is striking and shocking. It is obvious that he is no longer fit to sit in the coveted office of the President of Republic of Zambia.

He is able to find time to strike deals with FQM crooks who by any standard should be in Prison for fraud but he has worked round it to save their skins. He has failed to treat our local entrepreneurs with Kidd gloves but instead he has been ruthless and opting to unleash police and state security to cramp down their businesses and confiscating their equipment with impunity.

His erroneous behaviour needs correcting before this country goes up in flames.
He is a bitter disappointment to many of our citizens.

It is obvious that he came to politics to enrich himself. The man has no business being in politics. He is a paranoid dreamer living in his own world detached from reality.





Zambian Eye (Zambia)