Accusation Letter from GERDDES-AFRICA to Benin, to Africa and the world


Me Sadikou Alao, Founder and President of Gerddes-Africa.Me Sadikou Alao, Founder and President of Gerddes-Africa.


It is with deep sadness and unwavering determination that GERDDES-Africa wants to share with national and international public opinion the democratic setbacks and poor economic governance that are causing an unprecedented economic and social crisis in Benin.

As a result of this crisis, very few families can afford two meals a day and meet primary health care and education needs of their members.

Poverty has even been erected by the government as a normal way of governing. As evidence, the government’s slogan “fastenyour belt for 2 more years” is only the continuation of an identical slogan that ended after a year of unsuccessful propaganda; while corruption, conflicts of interest, chaos and inhuman treatments are daily fates of the population.

This situation has obliged GERDDES-Africa to launch for the first time these historical accusations so that posterity does not ignore it.




Hardly implemented for two decades now, local governance has been buried by the autocratic regime of the “new departure”. Comfortably elected mayors who were not coming forth to swear allegiance to the regime were deposed by the change of the majority suggested and sponsored of municipal councils.

When the municipal councils resist, the mayors are suspended and then revoked at a glance without any regard for the safeguards judiciously organized by the texts in force. In these cases of dismissal, whether actual or in preparation, no one knows the extra legal fate which the princes reserve for these Mayors as if the dismissal is not sufficient revenge.




Confiscation of national economy by the Prince and members of his courtyard ended up causing massive redundancies and company closures. Businessmen are discouraged by fictitious, imaginary and provoked incriminations with the sole aim of snatching their import-export businesses.

How can we understand that after the Prince has taken control of the main sources of government revenue for the benefit of his own enterprises, including by confiscation (cotton, PVI, stripping CNCB of its substance …),giving contract by mutual agreement (Contrary to constitutional provisions on conflicts of interest), he can, after more than 20 months of these illegal practices, forbid”mutual agreement” practices without questioning his own actions which are contrary to provisions of the Public Procurement Code.



Disregard for the Constitution, good governance and transparent  management are followed by disregard for citizens’ basic rights, which are guaranteed by the Constitution.

This disrespect leads the new princes to disregard the decisions of the Constitutional Court and it’s not surprising that the independent electoral management bodies will soon become past event. While credible sources indicate that a mutual agreement contract is already in motion for a tropical electronic vote.

The new Ministry of Interior is likely to be called upon to organize next generation elections for the “new departure”, after savage clearing off and other confiscation of goods and essential drugs on markets.

On the pretext of fighting corruption, without public control units for public companies, the princes prefer to rely on more influential private auditing to conduct selective and non-contradictory investigations in order to prosecute the rebellious, thus using justice for political purposes. At least, they hope to reduce these insurgents to silence.

The will to silence the insurgents such as Sébastien AJAVON, Léhady SOGLO, Komi KOUTCHE, real threats for 2019 legislative election and 2021 presidential election, through all kind of obstacles is obvious; unfortunately, it does not stop to these insubordinates.

The princes have already committed themselves to forbid lawyers to assist their clients when they are under threat of arrest or prosecution without a warrant, at the risk of being prosecuted for obstruction to justice. Fundamental rights are now ignored by the new princes of Benin.

All these violations force GERDDES-Africa to solemnly accuse TALON’s government of ill-treatments of his people.

GERDDES –Africa, calls for patriotic reawakening and international solidarity to put an end to this abuse.

Venezuela is not the only dictatorship that starves its people. Dictatorship of the ‘’new departure’’ in Benin is worse than that of Venezuela.

These are the reasons why GERDDES-Africa is accusing……..

Finally, that’s why Talon Government  should  engage national dialogue with no exclusion in order to save Benin and its Democracy. . .


Done in Cotonou on August 15, 2017.


The President of GERDDES-Africa