ZAMBIA – Arresting opponents will not bring development – HH



United Party for National Development (UPND) leader  Hakainde Hichilema has called on Zambians to remain united even amidst divisive calls by those who may not value oneness.

A Hichilema has told the PF government that arresting its critics will not end poverty in the country.

“We are one people, as country we must remain united and work towards alleviating poverty, no arrests on those with dissent will shape our country’s development agenda, even when hate and hurt speech, arrests are done on any of us in the country by those who do not value oneness, we must not be shaken because we outnumber them,” Hichilema said in Monze while attending the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony at the weekend.

The opposition leader reiterated that the country needs peace for development while emphasising that arrests on citizens with dissent will not in any way foster development but tension.

Hichilema who is committed to working towards developing the country, also emphasises on the need to restore the rule of law in the country and enable citizens enjoy their fundamental basic human rights.

“Arresting Hakainde or any one else unlawfully in the country is not development, because the country will always side with progressive and development focused not those oppressing others, our people have no food, medicine, education and all and surely you can’t keep suppressing them because they have rights.”

Hichilema, who is a prominent farmer, also bemoaned poor maize prices and the underperforming agriculture sector.

The UPND President sympathised with the farmers but called on them across the country not to relent but remain hopeful.

Meanwhile, Hichilema stated that he is of the strong view that the country must continue joining hands in celebrating various traditional ceremonies as this will help shape the future.

“We must not forget where we are coming from, history help us as a people to shape our future.”

The Gonde Lwiindi ceremony was attended by hundreds of people from various parts of the country.






Zambian Eye (Zambia)