SOUTH AFRICA – BOOK LAUNCH : Saving your marriage from your profession

It is in front of an huge number of personalities, guests, relatives, friends and curious that Josiane Tchoumeni Gagoum proceed to the launch of her second book '' Saving your marriage from your profession'', Saturday in a big hotel of Johannesburg in South Africa.


According to the publisher, in present days,  we have hear about many failed marriages yet for some odd reasons, people find it hard to pinpoint where it all went wrong. People are quick to conclude that may the two individuals involved in the failed marriage we’re not meant to be together. From her own personal experience and that of other married persons, the author decided to write this book. And realised that marriages failed, not because the two persons involved we’re not meant to be together, but because they allowed factors such as profession and other related issues to take prominence over their marital relationship.


This book »Saving your marriage from your profession » is written to pinpoint the professional pitfalls, challenges and issues that affect marriage and furthermore, the book is written to teach couples how to balance their profession and marital life.


The writter emphasized on topics such as how one’s profession could lead to neglect his partner and kids within the marriage. Thus can create friction, emotional and physical disconnection between spouses and their kids. Therefore open the door for infidelity between spouses. Furthermore if that is mismanaged, can push someone that is married to live like a single person.


According to experts and many scholars, Josiane Tchoumeni Gagoum book is truly an eye opener and is suitable for married couples, singles who intend to get married and divorcees.



About the author


She is an International certified life, business and Executive coach, a marriage menthor and a relationship coach, a motivational speaker, a bilingual translator, an event planner, decorator. She is the co-founder and an Executive Director of CWENA (The Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network of Africa), a christian faith based NGO (Non Governmental Organization that encourages and empowers women to start and run sustainable businesses and organizations.


By Serge Babylas de Souza