The Seven types of Christians


President Lungu during the Day of National Prayer


An atheist friend wondered why customers that come to his restaurant from church on Sundays seem angry and act mean mostly, his thought was Christianity should have love, joy and goodness, well agreed but simply put I explained to him that a Bicycle parked in a Mercedes Benz garage doesn’t become one, it remains a bicycle.

Exactly the case of most church going and Bible reading people we see on Sabbaths and Sundays. I mean real Christianity is dead, and all what has remained is what Jesus called “a people in error, lacking knowledge of the scriptures and the power of God” – Mathew 22:29. Or the ones the Apostle Paul labeled “having a form of godliness but denying its power” – 2 Timothy 3:5.

I mean I have seen Pastor trading punches on who should preach at a camp meeting, SDAs know what am talking about, seen and know pastors and so called prophets that hate and don’t talk to each other but continue performing miracles in their churches, Pentecostal know what am talking about, I have seen prophets lie that God spoke and showed them events and none of it came to pass, seen pastors and elders involve themselves in witchcraft, ladies that would still speak in tongues coming straight from fornication etc. My conclusion is that there are different types of Christians and here are the seven….


Judas was a disciple of the Lord Jesus, he walked and stuck with him for three years till he finally betrayed him, one thing said about him was “he was a thief, as a keeper of the money for ministry he used to help himself with what was put into it – John 12:6. – There is a bunch who are church goers who belong to this group, most of these are pastors, families of pastors and paid position holders, seemingly acting committed all for financial benefits, even those receiving aid from churches fall into this group.


The Lord Jesus had this to say about the Pharisees; They didn’t practice what they preached, did all acts of righteousness for men to see, gave tithe but had no mercy and faithfullness – Mathew 23. They were confident of their own righteous and looked down on everyone – Luke 18:9 This is one of the largest groups, mostly consisting of so called original church members, who instead of comparing their righteousness to Jesus are quick to look for fellow members they feel are more sinful forgetting they too by judging others are already fallen.


Jesus visited sisters Martha and Mary, the former got distracted with so many preparations that had to be made while the sister Mary sat down listening to Jesus, and He attested that she had chosen what was better – Luke 10:38-42. This group consists of position holders, church members who have duties; Pastors, Prophets, Elders, Deacons, Treasurers, Ushers, Choir Members, who are so engrossed with duties in the church while neglecting the most important thing of building their own faith for salvation. Without duty or a position these have no or less devotion.


A priest named Sceva had children that were casting out demons in the name of Jesus whom Paul preached – Acts 19:13-16, a demon possessed man told them Jesus he knew, Paul too but not them, he jumped on them and beat them all. There is a group, mostly among Pentecostals who have little knowledge and experience about Jesus themselves, the only reference they have is what their pastors or church leaders have done, and like the children of Sceva these God says to them “your pastor I know, your prophet too but who are you?”


Once Jesus was visiting Samaria, the people there didn’t welcome Him and His disciples, John and James were angry and asked if they could call fire from heaven to consume the entire village. This group of church people wants coercive repentance for other people, they want to people to agree to their teachings and beliefs so quick and by force, their reaction to doubt and rejection is anger and wishing the non adherents the worst in life, something that is so against the tenets of real Christianity.


The church in Corinth was divided as some claimed following Paul, some claimed following Apollos – 1 Corinthians 3:4-5. Again this group is common among Pentecostals, many merely being followers of their preachers and not Jesus, these are willing to fight anyone mocking their pastors but not Jesus, they are men faith-based believers. The above groups no matter how devoted they be or act, the word of Jesus stands on them, “unless you repent you too shall perish – Luke 13:3”

The only group of real Christians remains so small and they are the BEREANS – Acts 17:11 They received the gospel preached and searched the scriptures to see if what Paul was preaching was true. Till now only a handful of Christians really know what they believe in and can prove it by the word of God.


By Mbanga, Irvine Ilukui. Arkansas – USA.





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