The Best Stand Up Comedy Specials of 2018  


2018 has seen dozens of stand-up comedians take to the podium to showcase their work to the world. While dozens have stood up, only a few have managed to dazzle audiences with their hilarious but witty performances. In this article, we share with you the best stand-up comedy specials of 2018 performed so far. For those who failed to attend the comedy specials conducted thus far owing to a lack of funds, you ought to know that there is a large selection of online roulette games at NetBet casino that are highly profitable hence you can play and earn yourself some extra cash to spend.


Hannah Gadsby (Nanette)


2018 is arguably Hannah Gadsby’s biggest year in her career. This is as a result of the appreciation shown by the various audiences that have witnessed her recent work, Nanette both those who have seen her perform live and those who have watched her performance on TV and other media channels. Nanette is a piece of work which touches on the subject of misogyny. Hannah managed to wow audiences as she explored the often untouched subject of misogyny. Perhaps what made Hannah’s work more appealing in 2018 is due to the emergence and popularity of the #METOO campaign which continues to expose male dominance and abuse in most industries worldwide.


John Mulaney (Kid Gorgeous at Radio City)


John Mulaney is a comedian who is of the Seinfeldian school. As such, some do not see him as a stand-up comedian per se but in the whole scheme of things, John Mulaney is definitely a stand-up comedian. His piece, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is one of his best work up to date and definitely one of the best pieces to be produced in this calendar year. The piece traces his own experience while at the same time outlining the importance of college. Other topics that John Mulaney touches on in this comedy special is on the role of the church in today’s world, the abduction of little children and the President of the United States, Donald Trump.


Chris Rock (Tambourine)


Chris Rock is one of the most celebrated stand-up comedians of recent times and early this year, he dished out his latest work titled Tambourine. Tambourine is a piece of work which resembles most other productions created by Chris Rock in that its centre of focus is on the sensitive and most telling issues affecting the society today. In Tambourine, Chris Rock starts by detailing how the gun violence in the US particularly the ‘battle’ between the cops and the blacks is destroying society’s moral fabric. From the topic of gun violence, Chris Rock also talks about the current US president i.e. Donald Trump. In his words, Chris Rock states that the election of Donald Trump as the president illustrates how the society still finds it difficult to stop bullies from bullying other people and putting themselves in positions of power.


By Alan Buster