ZAMBIA: We are concerned with Chinese takeover of ZNBC, will reverse it – HH



Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has condemned the taking over of ZNBC by the Chinese.

Hichilema commonly referred to as HH has charged that the ownership will be reversed once his party forms government.

HH says this in a statement below issued this morning adding that Zambia cannot allow ZNBC to be run by the Chinese:




We have noted with worry the rate at which the Patriotic Front Party and its leader, Mr Edgar Lungu are selling our country’s strategic assets and land due to their corruption and debts to foreigners.

The most recent being ZNBC, which has been merged with the Chinese owned Star times.

We are aware that ZNBC in its current form is having difficulties to give a platform to all the voiceless Zambians despite paying taxes, but this decision by the PF who are in fact the major beneficiary of this strategic asset when citizens pay taxes, must be reversed. If that does not happen, the PF’s rule will be reversed to opposition status, and we shall see to it that this is done.

In simpler terms, being in a merger means that ZNBC is no longer our country’s asset but belongs to the Chinese and will only be fully owned by our people when the loans acquired by Mr Edgar Lungu and his PF are paid back. If ever they pay back.

But we are certain that the PF will never pay back these Chinese debts and this is the more reason why we wrote to the Chinese government alerting them to stop giving loans to the PF as they were choking our citizens and leading to the stripping off of our sovereignty as a Nation.

The PF administration is acquiring expensive loans not for the good of our country but to only do the following: Repay their old huge debts and corruption and unfortunately, these loans have to be paid back by Zambians.

Does this surprise us? No, because the PF are shameless liars who will never accept anything and let alone taking responsibility for the economic melt down they have caused our country.

When we stated that ZNBC had been sold due to PF loans and corruption, the same small group of corrupt individuals went to town arguing that this was not true but now that they have disclosed, it goes to show that there are more strategic assets and land that Mr Edgar Lungu has sold.

We call on the country to remain strong because there are more economic problems lying ahead of us due to the PF’s reckless loans and corruption which may eventually render us foreigners in our own country.

As citizens of this Nation, we must unite to reclaim our land, social, economic and political freedoms from this group (PF) of few corrupt individuals.

And lastly, our appeal to the country is that do not lose hope because help is on the way and together we shall triumph as there is no single corrupt group that supersede people power! Our power! Our land! Zambia First!

Hakainde Hichilema.
*UPND President.*





Zambian Eye (Zambia)