BENIN – POLITICAL CRISIS: FPHA President Ladislas Prosper Agbessi demands the resignation of Patrice Talon

Since then, the Republic of Benin has been in the electoral process leading to the establishment of the 8th legislature of the National Assembly in a pernicious climate marked by the exclusion of the political opposition from the race for legislative elections in April 2019.


Ladislas Prosper Agbesi.

This situation, which is a first since our historic National Conference of driving forces of the Nation in February 1990, is not conducive to consolidating the rule of law and pluralist democracy.

The head of State Mr. Patrice TALON recognized it on March 06, 2019 on the occasion of his meeting with the political class.

A consensus-seeking maneuver to allow all components of the class to take part in the elections was instituted by the head of State himself and entrusted to the president of the National Assembly.

With this in mind, the president of the National Assembly has taken several steps towards a final proposal to end the crisis. And without waiting for the debates to take place, the deputies gathered in the divided single party make a declaration in the tribune of the National Assembly to break the search for consensus.

To make matters worse, the presidents of the institutions supported by the Ombudsman met on 1 April to encourage the continuation of processes without opposition parties in defiance of the fundamentals governing a Democratic state.

My fellow countrymen,

How can we still talk about democracy in the face of what is happening in my dear country?

How can we still talk about democracy in the face of the acts observed in the treatment by the Ministry of the Interior and NAEC of the files of the opposition parties?

How can we still talk about democracy in the face of the partisan behavior of the Constitutional Court with the introduction of the famous certificate of conformity in the rules of the game and its decision confirming the two parties of the head of State for the elections despite the evidence of treatment of favor that they received from the NAEC?

How can there still be democracy when the head of State thinks it is a good thing to take the blame for the beheading of democracy.

How can one still speak of democracy when former heads of state are gassed and opposition supporters, journalists, and all dissenting voices are arrested in all directions?


Beninese my sister, Beninese my brother,


In the Face of these various acts, which indeed constitute a constitutional coup d’état and a declaration of war against our country and its democracy.

And considering the constitution of December 11, 1990 in its preamble which states :

We, the People of Benin,


– Reaffirm our fundamental opposition to any regime based on arbitrariness, dictatorship, injustice, corruption, extortion, regionalism, nepotism, confiscation of power and personal power ;

– Express our firm will to defend and safeguard our dignity in the eyes of the world and to regain the place and the role of pioneer of democracy and the defense of Human Rights that were once ours;

– Solemnly affirm our determination by this Constitution to create a rule of law of pluralist democracy, in fundamental human rights, public freedoms, the dignity of the human person and justice are guaranteed, protected and promoted as the necessary condition for the true and harmonious development of each Beninese in its temporal, cultural and spiritual dimension ;

– Reaffirm our commitment to the principles of democracy and Human Rights as defined by the charter of the United Nations of 1945 and the Universal Declaration of human rights of 1948, to the African Charter on human and Peoples’ Rights adopted in 1981 by and whose provisions form an integral part of our Constitution.


In accordance with the provisions of articles 3 and 66 of the constitution I appeal to the civil disobedience of all the people and to the outright departure of the head of State. We have no choice but to re-establish the legacy of the sacrifices of the Beninese Democratic fathers and the image of a pioneer in democracy on the continent.


You don’t surrender your people, you surrender to the people.


Long live democracy

Long live the Benin

Thank you



From our correspondent in Johannesburg

S. C.