SOUTH AFRICA / WORLD CONGRESS ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko calls for a fair distribution of the Economic growth

King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko undertook a tour in the provinces of Kwa Zulu Natal and Johannesburg in South Africa in early April 2019. This enabled him to actively participate in a series of events organized to attract representatives from more than 100 countries in Africa and elsewhere for a constructive high-level dialogue on economic and development issues.



King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko attended the World Congress on sustainable development in early April 2019, alongside world leaders in the South African provinces of Kwa Zulu Natal and Johannesburg. During the forum, economic and development issues were discussed. And King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko did not fail to seize the opportunity offered to him to speak out in favour of a fair distribution of the fruits of global economic growth. Thus putting an end to the tour embarked on in this province at the beginning of this month.


Recall that during his last visit to the country of Nelson Mandela and Cyril Ramaphoza, King Zombie met provincial leaders and traditional leaders. He has also participated in numerous events organized by local authorities.

In Johannesburg, King Fabrice Zombie attended meetings with leaders and decision-makers from all sectors to reflect on the ways in which global economic growth and the equitable distribution of wealth and resources can occur. This is part of its commitment to the development of all Africans, especially those in the southern Sahara region. King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko spoke on the theme « Achieving Sustainable global economic growth and equitable redistribution of resources ». Giving a strong signal of African leaders and businessmen ‘commitment in encouraging poverty reduction at the African level.




Indeed, Africa’s positioning and participation are at the centre of high-level discussions that will effectively contribute to advancing

King Zombie called on new Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi to be accessible when needed to discuss development issues.


During the last event in Johannesburg, King Fabrice Zombie stressed the necessity and importance of intra-regional trade on the continent, as well as the need to review existing multilateral agreements that better meet the needs of the continent. During his tour, King Zombie did not fail to wink at President Joseph Kabila whom he thanked for his involvement in improving the living and working conditions of traditional leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


Serge Babylas DE SOUZA