Pascal Kossivi Adjamagbo:Appeal to African Heads of State for the arrival in Africa of the « New World War »



The number of deaths already caused to date by the covid-19 coronavirus worldwide, more than 120,000 deaths out of more than 1.9 people officially infected on April 14, 2020 since January 10, 2020 in more than 180 countries in the world, and the vast majority of the richest countries in the world, with the most modern sanitary facilities, is truly impressive. To this must be added the cessation of economic production activities in these countries for three months for the country considered to be « the factory of the world », the very serious oil crisis already caused by this virus with a vertiginous fall in the price of a barrel of oil, and the astronomical sums of money already mobilized by the economic powers of the G20, estimated at more than 5,000 billion dollars, to « limit the economic damage » to be caused by this virus. Considering all these exceptional effects already provoked by covid-19, the declaration of the pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020, therefore undoubtedly makes global mobilization against this pandemic « the New World War » of science and intelligence against coronavirus. As at the end of the first two world wars, at the end of this « New World War », now against a virus, there will also inevitably be a redistribution of geo-political-economic maps according to the strategic and competitive behavior of the different countries during the war, irresistible popular pressure exerted on political and economic leaders at the end of the war, as well as lessons learned from this crisis and implemented without procrastination after the end of the war. The famous and influential former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger expressed his intimate convictions on this redistribution of geo-political-economic maps in a recent brilliant article entitled « The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order ”, and published by the Wall Street Journal of April 3, 2020.



However, as of March 18, 2020, the Director General of WHO, and former Minister of Health of Ethiopia, Dr Tedros Adhamon Ghebreyesus, publicly warned African leaders by declaring that « the best advice to give to Africa is to prepare for the worst and prepare today ”. Almost two weeks later, the UN Secretary General, Mr Antonio Guterres, echoed this declaration in his interview on RFI and France 24 on March 27, 2020 by adding: « All this on a gigantic level, we need a gigantic mobilization, an absolute priority, because there is still time, in my opinion, to avoid the worst. But without this gigantic mobilization, I fear that there will be millions and millions of infected people in Africa. And even if the population is younger than in developed countries, there will necessarily be millions of deaths … So it is in the interest of the countries of the North to make this massive investment in Africa. And that really implies, from the technical point of view and from the financial point of view, a gigantic effort ”. For its part, at the end of March 2020, the Center for Analysis, Forecasting and Strategy (CAPS) of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs sounded the alarm by fearing a possible collapse of most of the regimes in place in Africa caused by the « New World War » and advising the French authorities to already look for reliable and legitimate interlocutors. The understandable reasons for this warning from the WHO and for this alarm bell from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the dismal state of health systems and equipment in most African countries, the fragility of national economies and the weight of the informal economy in most of these countries. This warning and this alarm bell are in fact in conformity with the African popular wisdom which delivers to the public mockery « those which wait until the war starts to seek to buy weapons » (« Ahua ne dzo ne mia plé étou », says an Ewe proverb from Benin, Ghana, Togo).


Given the lessons of trial and error bordering on the amateurism of several Western governments in the management of this « New World War », especially in Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, the United States and Brazil, taking into account the lesson of universal and timeless principle « at war as at war », may we be allowed to launch a solemn and vibrant appeal to all African heads of state to take advantage of these lessons by breaking with the routine of their national and political policies in « peacetime », to quickly form « war governments », led by « Prime Ministers » adapted to the challenge of « the New World War » of science and intelligence against the coronavirus. They should be clairvoyant and critical minds, armed with scientific skills and above all, with the political temper of Churchill, with « iron fists in velvet gloves », capable of making just political and economic decisions and courageous in summing up the opinions of well-understood scientific experts. They should be surrounded and supported by ministers chosen by the President in good understanding with the « Prime Minister » for their skills and expertise in times of crisis, and not only for their good relations with the President. It is desirable that the « Prime Minister » of such a « war government » be a scientist with political capacity who honors the call launched by the Senegalese scientist and politician Cheick Anta Diop at the University of Niamey in May 1984 : « We are waging and we are waging the most violent combat, even more violent than that which has led to the disappearance of certain species. Your intellectual sagacity must go so far (…) There is only one salvation, it is direct knowledge and no laziness can exempt us from this effort (…) With equal training , truth triumphs. Train yourself, arm yourself with science to the teeth ”.


Given the extreme structural fragility of African national economies where the vagaries of the informal economy force the overwhelming part of the population to « live day by day », it is obvious that the highest political leaders on the continent that are its heads of state must seek to help with « flat-rate and substantial aid in kind » all collective or individual households, regardless of class, ethnicity or political sensitivity, as already implemented in a commendable and exemplary manner by the Senegalese and Rwandan presidents, to live with dignity the « total containment » already imposed in most African, Asian, European and American countries, while seeking to get out from this « total containment » as soon as possible to migrate to the  » selective containment « . As recommended by the former Tunisian minister, Professor Ahmed Friaa, in his recent article « Corona-containment: what if there is an alternative? « , readable online, this  “selective confinement » consists of detecting infected or at risk people, by various means of screening, isolating them and putting them in quarantine for a certain time, by generalizing the term « quarantine » to any confinement regardless of its duration. These solutions are obviously consolidated by measures, often strict, of distancing people and the obligation, often, of wearing a mask for all. It is this type of solution that has been adopted in particular in many Asian countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and many others, in addition to certain countries in northern Europe.  » This “flat-rate and substantial aid in kind” to households, which must be added to the  essential aids to all state or private enterprises to save jobs, is imposed “without heartache” in “wartime”, especially in « Time of world war », « whatever it costs » to the state, as argued by the French president in his speech of March 12, 2020 to the French nation. The implementation of these aids to households and individuals, with justice, rigor, honesty, good governance without compromise or compromise, as well as all health measures for generalized screening for covid-19, for selective containment, for « barrier » measures, hygiene measures, strengthening measures for immune defenses with vitamins C, D, E and B by natural consumption in fruits or vegetables or by consumption in appropriate concentrated form, measures of treatment as soon as possible according to the recommended protocol by Professor Didier Raoult, and measures of wearing reliable masks everywhere, should be the first urgent and imperative part of the « specifications » of all « war governments ».


In accordance with the need evoked to draw the lessons of the ongoing « New World War » and to put them effectively and efficiently into effect without delay at the end of this war, the equally urgent and imperative second part of this « specifications  » should consist of concrete and effective measures, worthy of those of the proactive and Keynesian policy of the « New Deal » which enabled the United States to get out of the doldrums of the economic crisis of 1929-1933, and that of the « Marshall Plan » which enabled the economic reconstruction of Europe after the Second World War. The aim of these measures should be the restructuring and the economic, monetary, agricultural, industrial and technological take-off of the entire African continent, which should finally guarantee, through increased production and processing of its agricultural, mining or energy raw materials, its independence and its basic food, health, educational, energy and industrial security. More than for France, for the entire African continent, « delegating our food, our protection, our ability to care, our living environment, basically to others, is madness« , as the French President declared in his quoted address. To this end, since the current pandemic shows us that it is illusory to pretend to solve the crucial and vital questions of food and health security at the national level, it is urgent and imperative that these « war governments » cooperate effectively with each other. to create and operate as soon as possible an « African Food and Health Security Agency » attached directly to African heads of state and to the presidency of the African Union Commission.  Among other things, this agency will have to propose supranational laws to prohibit microbiological and genetic manipulations that can lead accidentally or intentionally to epidemics in Africa such as those of AIDS, EBOLA or CORONAVIRUS, to prohibit questionable vaccination campaigns allowing racist criminals obsessed with the demographic growth of the African continent to realize their fantasies at the cost of the corruption of African accomplices. These fantasies are all the more unfounded as the African continent is less populated than a single Asian country like China or India whose demography does not, however, give rise to the same fantasies as African demography. This “African Food and Health Security Agency” should also quickly propose a supranational law to cancel national sales contracts or scandalous concessions of African “privileged cultivable land” to large non-African companies, thus suspending over the head of Africa the sword of Damocles of food insecurity, of which the French president legitimately spoke of the fear for his country.


In conclusion of our solemn and vibrant appeal to all African heads of state, which echoes the relevant concerns and recommendations expressed by the President of the AfDB, Dr Akinwumi Adesina, in his interview on RFI on April 10, 2020, we sincerely hope that it will be heard and will lead without delay to the establishment in all African countries of competent and effective « war governments », with the good skills that are not lacking in any of our countries, and with the proposed specifications, to respond positively to the relevant question raised by the Togolese economist and former Minister Kako Nubukpo in a recent tribune with the evocative title: « And if the Coronavirus was an opportunity for African economies? »


Pascal Kossivi Adjamagbo,

Profssor-Researcher at Sorbonne University in Paris, President of the Council of Pan-African Academics and Experts (CUEPA)




 Pascal Kossivi Adjamagbo, Togolese and French, Pofessor-Researcher in mathematics and economics since 1985 at Sorbonne University, is one of the most globally recognized experts in one of the greatest mathematical challenges known as the « Jacobian conjecture » (see Wikipedia article « Jacobian Conjecture »), after obtaining his state doctorate in mathematics in 1992, his “agrégation” of mathematics in 1988, and his engineering degree from the National School of Bridges and Roads in Paris in 1979, where he had as economics professor the future French Prime Minister Michel Rocard.


Multidisciplinary intellectual (mathematics, economics, art, poetry, history) and committed as his Master Cheikh Anta Diop, concerned about the contributions of science and technology, enlightened by ethics and humanism and guided by good governance, for development sustainable of all Africa in the vital fields of health, education, agriculture, energy and industry, Pascal Kossivi Adjamagbo is since 2018 president of the Council of Pan African Academics and Experts (CUEPA), and is bearer since 2010 of the “Company For Energy in Africa” project, with a view to carrying out the pan-African project par excellence of the Grand Inga dam and its distribution network throughout the African continent, and in order to enable control by African executives of all energy techniques, as well as industrialization and economic integration of the African continent, to prepare economically, in accordance with the pan-African vision of one of the Fathers of the OAU and Father of Independence of Togo, Sylvanus Olympio, and politically hasten the advent of the « United States of Africa ».